Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chandelier Project: Makeover



So, we've been looking for light fixtures for over a month now. We're a little selective about home decor and prefer most furnishings to be pre-owned and quite unique. When it comes to lighting, we have always struggled. There never seems to be the perfect fix. New stuff is cheesy and looks cheap; old stuff is expensive and usually requires some amount of rewiring. So we bought this kinda ugly chandelier at Crazy Daisy last week. It was marked down 70% and was sorta a steel. We had a vision for it and we made it happen. I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for this piece.


melissa said...

this is awesome!

Anonymous said...

wow this is great, you did an good job very mperfect. If you find another do one for me, love you the momma

Lisa said...

This finds a way to be fresh, artsy and elegant all at once -- not at all scary or "out there." Great job!