Friday, June 20, 2008

Bill For Birthday

Hey hey, I had a wonderful birthday this year. Thank you to everyone who went out of their way to love me. I truly appreciate all efforts and love. First, my awesome ass husband started the day out with 3rd row center Bill Maher tickets. In case you don't know me that well, I love Bill Maher. I know he's not the most physically attractive political comedian, but I find him rather appealing in just about every way - from the luscious black, porn star girlfriends to the shine in his leather-less shoes. He's an atheist; he's a vegetarian; he's a political science junkie; he's an animal rights advocate and he's going to be close enough to flash! (Side note: I guess all of those attributes can be applied to my husband too, but J is much more attractive and I flash him every day).

Second, J surprised me with an Edible Arrangement. I've secretly always wanted one. Flowers are rather common around our household (my man is on top of his shit). And flowers are beautiful but they die and you usually can't eat them. It was delicious and lovely to have a bouquet of fresh fruit. It was even more wonderful when I made it into a tropical smoothie for four!

Last, Dad and Kathryn hooked it up with a washer and drier and dinner at L&N Wine Bar. Now that's the best icing I've ever had on a cake. I am so relieved to have a washer and drier, it's exhaling! And to enjoy my rested and content state of being, I ate Chocolate Truffle Cake with some of my best friends in the whole world! Thanks friends, I love you.

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