Friday, June 20, 2008

Erin's Birthday Cake, It's Vegan

As you dedicated readers can tell, spring and summer are my busy birthday cake seasons. I've been slinging cakes from the oven to the open mouths since March. But this cake was superass special. It was my first attempt at making a full size vegan cake. And it was remarkable.

Ever since my friend Erin decided to take the Vegan plunge, I've wanted nothing more than to feed her. I think it's some weird mothering, nurturing thing I have. Don't get me wrong, I love to feed everyone! But feeding a Vegan is a little more satisfying. Especially because this vegan has a developed palette and knows when she's being duped. (Side note: I also like to feed other challenged eaters - deprived, allergic to Earth, Brynne and such).

Hungry Erin:

Well, if you ever click on my links to the right, you'll notice that I link to a few vegan sites. Kittee, the woman responsible for Cake Maker to the Stars blog posted the recipe for her own personal birthday cake a while back. I thought that using a vegan baker's personal birthday cake recipe would be a great direction to bake in. So, I baked her Birthday Banana Cake with Vegan Cream Cheeze Icing. I highly reccomend trying to bake this cake if you ever desire a vegan cake. It was rather fool proof, except for that I added the seedless preserves to the cake rather than as a filling for the cake. But that was a mistake I will latch onto because it yeilded perfect results.

Cake Before Oven:

Icing Before On Cake:


Alicia said...

Gorgeous cake! Makes me nostalgic for ours ;) Can't wait till next year!

Erin said...

YUMMMMMM that was a most delicious birthday cake, vegan or not! You spoiled me and I loved it.