Saturday, November 29, 2008

Clementine & Blood Orange Juice

I got this bad boy at the Peddelers Mall across the river for under thirty bucks. It's a brand new hundred fifty dolla' Williams Sonoma juicer and it's radddd. Since the Clementines are flush this time of year, why not juice 'em and drink 'em.

This guy +

These "lil' cuties" =

Not a lot of juice. But it was raw and refreshing.

Spoon Mixin'

Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes, Butternutt Squash Granny Smith Soup and Cranberry Orange Chutney. One bite. Yumm tumm tumm.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Thanksgiving

We stay home on Thanksgiving. It's nice.

On Thanksgiving 2008 we made a delicious mess in the kitchen,

Dressed Mary Jane up super cute,

Recreated our favorite meal at INO in New York City,

Listened to some of this,

And also ate waffles, asparagus mushroom risotto and apple pie.

Self indulgence is my speciality. I am thankful for my skillzz in the kitchen.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Keep 'Em Going.

It takes love, time and money to create a magazine. They have love. They make time. Give them money. Come party for Bejeezus 'cause they deserve it.


Read a 12.

Brookefast Sandwich (I am so corny. I love it.)

So we only had one egg left on Saturday morning and I wanted to make my man a delicious breakfast. I scanned the fridge and saw some habanero cheese, whole wheat english muffins and some sriracha. Solution: Spicy Ass Egg Sandwich. We bought these little egg circles (totally not the right name for the utensil) at Williams Sonoma last year and, man, did they come in handy last weekend.

One Egg
Whole Wheat English Muffin
Cracked Black Pepper

Yum Yum Tumm.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bloggin' for Butchertown

So I know I mention Andy and Alicia a lot lot in my blog, but that's because they're like our siblings. We all live under the same roof, drink from the same wine bottle, have the same BFF's and walk the same dog (dog might be plural soon.... . .. hint hint). Well I'm not sure if I mentioned that Andy is the President of The Butchertown Neighborhood Association, which means that Alicia must be First Lady and also means that we live in the equilivalent of the White House. Anyway, he's all for removing the stink, cleanin' it up a bit down here and throwin' a big ass Butchertown Fesitval to raise funds toward neighborhood development and to bring more attention to our humble hood.

Since this week was the official blog launch, I'm asking you all to visit the blog and add yourself as a follower. There's not much to see right now but we're hoping it to be the start of something collaborative and beautiful. Also, if you are a Butchertown resident (Williary..hmhmhmhm) and want to guest blog at some time, please let us know. Community involvement is encouraged. So please, click here

Cornelius looking Presidential

Excited for Our Mantle!

So J and I have these friends in Indianapolis, Tom and Sheri Battista. Aside from being amazing people and philanthropists (side note: Tom was the tour manager for the P-Funk and now tours with his pal Jimmy Buffet) they have a collection of personal portraits that overwhelms any house guest! For every year that have been married, they have had an artist/friend do a portrait of them. When J and I were delivering his Battista portrait, we were inspired to do the same while eating Tom's homemade pizza in their portrait/dining room. (I wish I had a picture of their dining room). Even though it seems somewhat egoist to have a bunch of portraits around, it was quite touching to see such a personal one-of-a-kind collection. It not only documented their life together, but each portrait is a memory and a story of a friendship (tear, sniff sniff).

So our first portrait was from our buddy Kyle Ragsdale in Indianapolis. We did an art trade with him for our first Vaughn-Pierce portrait:

The second year of our marriage was a blur with us moving to three states in less than 7 months, but I'm thinking that Hillary Harrison might need to revisit the "Ketchup and Mustard" photos if she's up for it! But alas, here is portrait number two! Thanks Dobson Family, we love it and we love you!