Friday, November 21, 2008

Bloggin' for Butchertown

So I know I mention Andy and Alicia a lot lot in my blog, but that's because they're like our siblings. We all live under the same roof, drink from the same wine bottle, have the same BFF's and walk the same dog (dog might be plural soon.... . .. hint hint). Well I'm not sure if I mentioned that Andy is the President of The Butchertown Neighborhood Association, which means that Alicia must be First Lady and also means that we live in the equilivalent of the White House. Anyway, he's all for removing the stink, cleanin' it up a bit down here and throwin' a big ass Butchertown Fesitval to raise funds toward neighborhood development and to bring more attention to our humble hood.

Since this week was the official blog launch, I'm asking you all to visit the blog and add yourself as a follower. There's not much to see right now but we're hoping it to be the start of something collaborative and beautiful. Also, if you are a Butchertown resident (Williary..hmhmhmhm) and want to guest blog at some time, please let us know. Community involvement is encouraged. So please, click here

Cornelius looking Presidential

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Alicia said...

hehe, i love it