Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chandelier Project: Makeover



So, we've been looking for light fixtures for over a month now. We're a little selective about home decor and prefer most furnishings to be pre-owned and quite unique. When it comes to lighting, we have always struggled. There never seems to be the perfect fix. New stuff is cheesy and looks cheap; old stuff is expensive and usually requires some amount of rewiring. So we bought this kinda ugly chandelier at Crazy Daisy last week. It was marked down 70% and was sorta a steel. We had a vision for it and we made it happen. I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for this piece.

Happy Belated Birthday Hillary

Isn't this the cutest little planter you've ever seen. It's just about as cute as it's new owner, Hillary Harrison . And that worked out perfectly because we were slackin' on a birthday present for our lady. Thanks to Jo Ley for the perfect planter and to Paul's for the outrageous pink bud. Happy Belated Birthday friend. You're Awesome!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Go Go Go

Make it happen.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bejeezus 11 Tease

Hey hey, so here are a couple of pictures of the recipes that will be featured in Bejeezus 11. I've decided not to post the recipes because you need to buy Bejeezus 11 (and by buy, I mean purchase...not get a copy from a friend who works on the zine)! Trying to keep a zine going in this weird world can be quite daunting so it would be awesome if you could just support some hardworking, enthusiastic people with your five dollar bill. Keep the dream alive!

Cold Watermelon Soup:

Zucchini Banana Loaf:

I'm pretty psyched about these two because they accidentally feed alternative lifestyle eaters. This is the Zucchini Banana Loaf I've been making for years and it happens to be vegan. And it's not vegan because I use some alternative butter or egg supplement, it's vegan because it needs nothing of the sort. No butter, no dairy and no eggs. Bananas are magical and can do terrific things when called on. And I just realized that the Cold Watermelon Soup is not only vegan, but raw. Yep, absolutely no cooking was done in this process. Simply a lot of chopping and mixing. Bejeezus 11 should be out by the end of the summer. The issue is themed Second Hand. I'll let you know when its off the press.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Something Worth The Wait: T-Rex

So, I love Rob Zombie more than I love Bill Maher. I think he's a genius. I love every film he has made or been involved in, including the Halloween remake. And that says a lot considering that Carpenter's Halloween is my all time favorite stalker movie. I love his wife. I love his gore. I love his cast and crew and I can't fucking wait until this film comes out.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Erin's Birthday Cake, It's Vegan

As you dedicated readers can tell, spring and summer are my busy birthday cake seasons. I've been slinging cakes from the oven to the open mouths since March. But this cake was superass special. It was my first attempt at making a full size vegan cake. And it was remarkable.

Ever since my friend Erin decided to take the Vegan plunge, I've wanted nothing more than to feed her. I think it's some weird mothering, nurturing thing I have. Don't get me wrong, I love to feed everyone! But feeding a Vegan is a little more satisfying. Especially because this vegan has a developed palette and knows when she's being duped. (Side note: I also like to feed other challenged eaters - deprived, allergic to Earth, Brynne and such).

Hungry Erin:

Well, if you ever click on my links to the right, you'll notice that I link to a few vegan sites. Kittee, the woman responsible for Cake Maker to the Stars blog posted the recipe for her own personal birthday cake a while back. I thought that using a vegan baker's personal birthday cake recipe would be a great direction to bake in. So, I baked her Birthday Banana Cake with Vegan Cream Cheeze Icing. I highly reccomend trying to bake this cake if you ever desire a vegan cake. It was rather fool proof, except for that I added the seedless preserves to the cake rather than as a filling for the cake. But that was a mistake I will latch onto because it yeilded perfect results.

Cake Before Oven:

Icing Before On Cake:

Baby Shower

Thanks to every one that made it out to my baby shower in Indianapolis. I know those things can be awkward and uncouth, but I think ya'll pulled it together just perfectly and it was a slam-hit-home run. I appreciate the company and all the wonderfull things you wanted to share with our baby. The food was fantastic. The company was beautiful! Really, I think I have the best looking friends in the whole world! Not to mention the most gracious! I love you all. Thank you!

Umm, Boobs!

So, I was hanging out with my ladies in Indianapolis and my Mom took this picture. I think we all look wonderful and happy to be together, but pregnancy has made my chest explode.

To the left is Alicia Pahl, current Louisville BFF, landlord and godmother to our dog. She is 5'9, naturally red headed, thin and has a wonderful complexion. Her hobbies are skiing, cooking, hanging out with friends and eating great food. Alicia is a scientist and is mortgage-married to the handsome Andy Cornelius. To the right is Kelsey Cooper. Kelso is 5'5ish with a spitfire personality and a voice that carries for miles. Her hobbies are gardening, cycling, working out and eating great food. Kelsey is a teacher, the godmother to our unborn baby and is also mortgage-married to the lavish Dan Maddox.

Bill For Birthday

Hey hey, I had a wonderful birthday this year. Thank you to everyone who went out of their way to love me. I truly appreciate all efforts and love. First, my awesome ass husband started the day out with 3rd row center Bill Maher tickets. In case you don't know me that well, I love Bill Maher. I know he's not the most physically attractive political comedian, but I find him rather appealing in just about every way - from the luscious black, porn star girlfriends to the shine in his leather-less shoes. He's an atheist; he's a vegetarian; he's a political science junkie; he's an animal rights advocate and he's going to be close enough to flash! (Side note: I guess all of those attributes can be applied to my husband too, but J is much more attractive and I flash him every day).

Second, J surprised me with an Edible Arrangement. I've secretly always wanted one. Flowers are rather common around our household (my man is on top of his shit). And flowers are beautiful but they die and you usually can't eat them. It was delicious and lovely to have a bouquet of fresh fruit. It was even more wonderful when I made it into a tropical smoothie for four!

Last, Dad and Kathryn hooked it up with a washer and drier and dinner at L&N Wine Bar. Now that's the best icing I've ever had on a cake. I am so relieved to have a washer and drier, it's exhaling! And to enjoy my rested and content state of being, I ate Chocolate Truffle Cake with some of my best friends in the whole world! Thanks friends, I love you.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Can I Get On For A Babysitter?

Look at these wonderful men!

This is a picture from the new Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly movie, Step Brothers. I love these two men. We have seen every Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly movie in the theaters since our relationship's kinda a pledge. And we're totally Opening Night people. So, this masterpiece of a film comes out July 25th. Can I please book a babysitter now?