Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Been Busy Baking

Well, I guess all of this baking and cooking took me somewhere. I usually bake as therapy. I like the measurements, organization and feeling of making something scrumptious out of a bunch of piles of ingredients. But as it turns out, people really love what I prepare. I guess it is because I love doing it so much that it has to come out in the end result, the taste. All said, I am now baking for Redhot Roasters Organic Coffee (previously Jackson's Organic). I am using my own recipes with organic and local ingredients and making them daily. So drive on thru and try some hot coffee and fresh muffins! It really is a great treat.

Currently Serving: Zucchini, Cranberry Orange, Blueberry and Banana Chocolate Chip
Test Kitchen: Lemon Poppy seed and Chocolate Muffins. Also working on a Quiche option.