Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Kitchen

Sometime around noon on Christmas Day.

I have to admit that my favorite moments around the holiday season are spent at home in moments like these. I know this time of year is focused on family and togetherness, but that just leaves me with an empty pocketbook and a load of anxiety. Christmas in the Midwest is difficult when you're a atheist vegetarian. There's nothing to eat but fattening side dishes and desserts (if you're lucky) and you're forced to nod your head in prayer to earn the right to eat them. (Side note : I usually end up sticking my tongue out at the youngest member of the family during these awkward moments, kids don't care about god either).

But in true holiday spirit, I am left to feel for my atheist/vegan/vegetarian friends this time of year. When home is no longer the house you grew up in and family doesn't feel like "family" anymore, at least I am comforted by knowing that I'm not in this shit alone.

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