Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Karma Correction

Admit five things embarassing about myself to make up for talking shit in the last entry.

1.Favorite Genre of Music: Christmas
2.My leg hair is pretty much 1/4 inch long right now (gross)
3.Our house is like 800 sq. feet and we have 5 mirrors
4.I call my dog Kenny-Binny-Boom-Bah (very ridicilous)
5.I throw pizza boxes in the recycling bin even though its against the rules


melissa said...

1. ive had on the same clothes for a week
2. i blow my nose into my hands in the shower
3. my leg hair is longer than yours
4. i am addicted to tonys pizzas
5. i watch desperate housewives

Erin said...

1. I wear my dirty pink bathrobe over clothes when I'm at home, sometimes for days at a time.
2. The voices in my head have English accents
3. I can eat an entire package of Lil' Smokies, no problem. But I'm too embarrassed to buy them.
4. I leave my headphones on at the bus stop even when my iPod is dead, just so I can feel invisible to the crazies
5. I just (like, 10 minutes ago) shaved my legs for the first time in too long. Way too long.

crow said...

1. I like mayo on bread. Just mayo on bread.
2. I like things neat but not necessarily clean.
3. I hate it when other people try and clean my cast iron skillets.
4. I like Peoples Court.
5. I didn't even know pizza box cardboard was taboo.