Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It's the end of 2008 and it can be said that I took on more than I ever had imagined in one year. I made the most amount of delicious, nutritious food that I have ever made. I grew a human. We helped transform a foreclosed dump into a beautiful, historic home. I brought a human to Earth. And we moved again, one week after we had Mary Jane. As if we weren't overwhelmed by the holiday's and preparing for our party, we pulled some all-nighters creating together. It was long overdue and now I'm feelin' it. I want more!

J created a pattern.

We carved a stamp using the pattern.

Inked the stamp.

And made an interesting cloth.

Although it didn't turn out to be as beautiful as I had hoped, it was a damn good first try. Mary Jane dug it. Mperfect what?

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