Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009: Realer Than Real

Thirteen Things I will do this year:

Write three business plans on paper
Truly consider going to Graduate School (noncommittal)
Eat Raw as often as possible
Talk less shit (outside of my home)
Spend a lot more time with nature
Have more sex (and no more babies)
Build a grow box and tend a garden
Be a high energy, focused parent
Witness two of my favorite people get hitched
Condition my body for optimum performance
Escort some virgins to the Big Apple
Beam with smiles at the homecoming of my sister
Be more loving to the people in this world

I like making lists, its so homo-sapien.


brynne said...

i love you b! less than 7 months!

Alicia said...

I excited to spend this year with you!

melissa said...

i need to see more of you in 2009