Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hoosier at Heart

Yeah, so we're a tall family. I'm 5'11 and J is 6'2. We're tall, thin and HOOSIERS. And what does that amount to, you say?

It's March Madness and I've got Kansas followin' that yellow brick road to ozzzzzzzz! J, believe it or not, has Purdue (the rookie team). I'd love to see them go far, but I'm not so sure they can beat Duke. But we both simply have a final game that we want to see played: Kansas vs. Pitsburgh and Indiana vs. Purdue.


Erin said...

Sorry J, there's no way that the Boilermakers are getting past Duke. No way.

You know what's weird? Folks out here don't really get into the whole basketball thing (especially now that our NBA team has fucked us over & decided to leave for Oklahoma. Bastards.). College hoops just isn't the same in the West. Sigh.

mperfect design said...

ah, but thats assuming Duke even makes it to play Purdue. i think they are going to choke in the second game.. .. . it will be the year of uspets. its easy to guess all number one and two teams. .. .

(that said, i think TN or KS will probably end up winning)

Erin said...

Thank you, Erin, for giving me yet another reminder of why the west has won me over. Or at least the Pacific NW.