Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Custard Inspired Lasagna

And By Custard, I mean Shannon (previously known as Heller) Custard. Yes Mrs. Jaymi Tharp, your previous staff members are still soul sisters.

When Shan, Matt, Sammy and Gracie came to stay over Christmas, they left me inspired! Not only was I completely awed by the tens of pounds they have shed (Gracie and Sammy not included in this feat) and their avid training for the spring triathalon, but Shannon baked a delicious and healthy lasagna just for us to mow on for the holidays.

Side note: I have quite a few friends who have chosen to prioritize their physical well-being in the past year. I applaud all of you. Not only have I seen complete body reformations, but your energy seems to be flowing out from you and into the lives of others. I thank all of you for being such great inspirations and motivators. Keep up the positivity. I am truly thankful to have such great friends.

Okay, back to lasagna. This was my attempt at a healthy lasagna. Whole wheat noodles, spinach, home made (vegetable intense) red sauce and then I went downhill. Unfortunately, I puts tons of low fat, organic ricotta and low fat mozzarella on this baby. Something was screaming inside of me (maybe that damn baby in there) for more cheese.
Anyhow, it was delicious and moderately healthy?


Erin said...

This post seems the perfect opportunity to tell you I've been eating cheese pizza lately. Good decisions, like life, are a work in progress. Let's eat!

Shannon said...

This reminds me that I have not made that lasagna since the holidays... I think I need to whip some of that up tonight. Thanks for the props on the weight loss - I was just trying to finally get to your size!! I cannot wait for the baby ~ next time we see you I will make you something else yummy.