Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Herkermer has a face and the face looks like this. I was beating on my stomach like a drum to get him/her to turn around and look at us during the ultrasound. After a few seconds of drumming, he/she finally looked at us and simultaneously put its hands over its ears. Figures.

A shy kid who cant be bothered. Like father, like baby?


Anonymous said...

what are you talking about? do not suggest hands over the ears is because of is because of Brooke not wanting to listen to anyone else...ha ha

M. Ryan said...

Glad to see you've already taught Hermiker the "ear muffs" trick.

Erin said...

omg Jason is in your womb.

Erin said...

Note to Indy Erin: Jason being in her womb is precisely how Herkemer got there.

I love this face! I can't wait to meet he/she/it!