Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bejeezus 12 Tease: Spooktacular Pumpkin Roll

So, the theme of 12 is "Ghosts". My PacMan Ghost Iced Sugar Cookie is coming soon, but for now you are left with the Spooktacular Pumpkin Roll (adding a make-believe adjective qualifies this sweet treat for the ghost category, right)? I'd like to give you the recipe, but you sorta need to just buy Bejeezus 12 when it hits the stands. And you know I'll let you know when it hits the stands!

This particular roll is not vegan, but the vegan version of this recipe will be posted soon. Since I am not including the vegan recipe in Bejeezus 12, I feel no obligation to hold it back. I just need a little time to perfect it. Hold those horses!


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