Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not Bloggin'

So, there are a few reasons that I haven't been prioritizing my blog: First reason being Mary Jane Rebel, Second reason being the early August move to The 806, Third reason being our new booth at Crazy Daisy Antique Mall.

Since there's not piles of cash laying around the house, we decided to work our ass off and make some. Our booth at Crazy Daisy is the kick-start to our daughter's travel/college fund. We want to make sure she has enough money to do what ever her heart desires when she is 18. So, we're buying crappy old furniture and making it look a whole lot better. Forgive us, the booth is a little skimpy right now but it'll be filling up with more vintage goodies real soon. Whoo who!

But I solemnly swear to go to the grocery and cook something wonderful next week that I can share with my readers. Who knows, maybe I'll bake some goodness too.


aLICIA said...


Patrick said...

that looks so awesome. i will have to look for it next time i go.

LINZ said...

This perfectly coincides with Matt and I buying a house!!! Now I'll have the perfect excuse to go to Crazy Daisy (like I need one). Can't wait to check it out!

melissa said...

aye. whatsyer booth #?

Revolutionary Mama said...

Good luck with your new "recycling" venture. What a great idea!

Also, looking forward to new recipes, as Joshua and I are inching our way to vegan-land.