Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bejeezus 12 Tease: Pac Man Ghost

Well, think I'm going to make this one with sugar crystals as decor instead of icing. The colors are right, but they look sloppy. I can bake but I'm not too great at the decorating part. MIght help if I had an icing kit.....hmmmm, something to add to the Christmas list. Oooo, I am proud to say that we did make our own cookie cutters. Overall, this is a cute idea but not an ideal cookie. Trying with colored sugar crystals soon.


j. woolard said...

perfect! i did a little drawing thing for the issue, and i spent a good 10 min debating whether or not to make my ghost a pac man ghost. i'm glade you did.

Alicia said...

i think they're cute.... and pac man is my favorite arcade game

msvr78 said...

i like them! not sloppy. yummy!!