Monday, February 18, 2008

The Things We Do For Love

So my Mom and I happened to be in the same city this weekend. She was generous enough to take me shopping to buy the worst clothes in the feminine world - maternity clothes. It was reassuring to know that Mom hated being pregnant as much as I do. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love children. I want children. I was a nanny for years and years. But there is nothing wonderful about gaining 25lbs and growing a human in your body. It's fucking weird. And when it's all done growing, you have to work that sucker out of your body and hope you don't die or give up during the process. And I get all these young Mom's saying, "Don't you just love being pregnant? I just loved being pregnant." Well, I'm glad that we are all wired so differently that some ladies get their kicks out of this but I'm sticking with a big hell no, I really don't like it. Bring on July and bring it fast!

So, thank you Mom for keepin' it real and telling me that she hated growing me and my brother too. And thank you Mom for coaching me through the worst shopping spree of my life.


Erin said...

As you know, I do not possess anything one could call a "maternal instinct", and I am often derided for my claims that the wee bambinos are, in fact, parasites. They live in your freakin' body, steal their nutrition from you while growing, then continue to feed from you after they escape. Ugh. But you know, I'm happy for you and all that. But ugh.

Alicia said...

cute picture!!

Anonymous said...

I am the mommy, and while the end result is worth the 9 months, i do remember feeling just like Brooke, I have to say that on the delivery table i felt better than i had in months. also my loving mother made all of the clothes while PG so i did nothave to expend large amounts of cash for horrid attire. This too shall pass and Brooke and Jason will be pleased with the results