Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just For Kicks

We were trying not to laugh sooooooooo hard. And for all you who know J, doesn't he look like a crazed killah? I mean, that's hilarious right?

we love.


Erin said...

Wow - it's so Manson-esque! Like, he's written a crazy manifesto and plans on a dune-buggy revolution, with machine guns and psychedelic music and drugs. You'd be the beautiful and brainwashed devotee, shouting "Kill the pigs!" and painting daisies on your love-child belly.

Frankly, I always saw it coming.

elise said...

i second the mason-esque notion. that was exactly what i thought, too. but then in the second photo, jason looks like the happy, healthy, loving hippie he is. yep, i said it. you are married to a hippie. and you are a metropolitan hippie as well. i think we all are. hippies who love to consume. but we consume green. right? right.

Revolutionary Mama said...

I think maybe you might be... glowing...
a little... Maybe.

You look beautiful.