Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Photo

So, this is our baby! I was around 11 weeks when they shot this photo on December 17th. We are due July 8-10th, but babies never arrive on their due dates. "Herkemer", the family fetus name given to all of us before a sex was known, is facing opposite the camera here. Head to the left in fetal position with arms and legs tucked in facing away from us. Holy Shit, I am growing a human!


Blondie said...

Brooke and J

I am so excited to see the next photo of my grandbaby........what exciting times.


Vaughn, Ryan Vaughn. said...

are you sure its a human........(scary climatic music playing in the background).

Erin said...

I may just need to break out my now-seldom-used knitting needles for wee Herkemer...I saw a pattern for little baby-hats with anarchy symbols on them that would be perfect for The Beast. Can't wait!