Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Well, it's 2008 and I've been promising this blog for half a year. Happy New Year. Happy Blog Year. Happy Baby Year. And so on.
My blog is titled 'Participation Breeds Revolution' because that is the only phrase my husband and I could agree to tattoo on our bodies. The phrase embodies involvement, change, and freshness; three objectives that we honor and salute. 2008 is going to be an amazing year; I'm having a baby, I'm going a deeper shade of green ( see stylish handmade stocking cap from Alaskan Bfly above), and I think we actually might live in one city for longer than 6 months! Although I wanted 2008 to be the year of nutritional and motivational change through Veganism and physical fitness, the growing human in my belly wont will me to those extremes. So, I'm participating in the blog world to connect, share and educate with friends, family and strangers. Mostly, I just want to create a space to provoke fun conversation and inspirational ideas.

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j said...

brooke, you're so damn cute. i appreciate the shout out and congrats on the little one.

peace & blessings,