Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Concord Grape Juice

We love our juicer. This year when J, Brynne and I took the annual trip to NYC, Brynne ooh'ed & ahh'ed the concord grapes flaunted by the street vendors. She kept meaning to buy some of those dark jucy babes, but our bellys were filled with Ino and Babycakes almost every chance we got. Although I am a lover of all fruits, I had never actually eaten a concord grape. So, I bought some at Whole Foods upon our return home and made the most delicious juice. In case you haven't ever tried a concord grape, they are the perfect mix of sweet and tart (but watch out for those pesty seeds). We loved this juice so much we drank it for two weeks!

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brynne said...

annual trip! we must make that true.