Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sibling Telepathy

This is Helga!

Growing up with my brother Ryan, there are a few things we held sacred: Our genuine understanding of eachother, our supreme love and attraction to the water, "I don't see no penguins", and American Gladiators!

To slow down the weekend, J and I clicked on the television Sunday night only to see a little nostalgia before my eyes - A New and Improved season of American Gladiators. Ofcourse, I immeditely dialed my kin's home number, which is only called in compulsive desperation, in hopes of an answer.

It went a little like this:
Brooke " Are you watching American Gladiator?"
Ryan "Well, hell yes!"

Although we may live hours apart, we are forever linked by our sibling intuition. Ryan, I love you!


Eldest Vaughn said...

Crush is my favorite. She's smoken hot and an expert at Joust- you can't beat that.

Brooke said...

I prefer Wolf. He's fierce. He wears make-up and looks like he spray paints his beard grey.

Revolutionary Mama said...

I always thought your relationship was a special one. I love knowing sibling groups. I love it when people know me and my siblings. It gives a sense of context.