Saturday, July 19, 2008

Home and in Good Company

Alicia and the babe.

Sam and the babe.

We're home! We have to administer IV drugs for a few days, but at least we're all home. Thank you Sam and Alicia for doing our laundry, making us meals and being amazing and supportive friends. J and I are running off of 6 hours of sleep in the last 48 so forgive us if we aren't on top of returning phone calls or e-mails. Goodnight Blog.


jamie in rose cottage said...


I'm stopping by your blog because I saw on your profile that you listed tea, homeschooling, and adoption as interests, and those are on my list as well! :-)

Enjoy that beautiful little gal!

j. woolard said...

i guess that explains why there isn't a photo of you and the baby... looking forward to that post!

Alicia said...

Sam, your picture is adorable ;)

lydia rose said...

alica and I totaly are going to get Mary Jane some eropean fasio'n fashion. Not that she needs it she is
so ooooooo adorable!!!